3 reasons why Graduate Coordinators are SO important! – for Bangladeshi Students

Himel Kishor Barua

A graduate coordinator (Grad. Co.) is a recognized departmental employee who has been assigned to assist applicants with the application process and provide guidance on various departmental policies. Graduate coordinators can help you with critical tasks and in cases of emergency. They are extremely valuable to us for three reasons –

  1. Correction of Mistakes

Most countries require graduate study applicants to provide a lot of information. Therefore, making mistakes is common. Even though there is the chance to review the entire application portal’s information, mistakes still happen. Even after submitting your applications, if you believe there are errors, you can get them fixed by contacting the Grad. Co.

2. Tracking Down Any Missing Documents

When submitting an application to a university, generally a lot of documents are submitted. There is a risk that some documents might require additional support, even after sending all the required ones. The Grad. Co. is essential in this circumstance to submit the additional / missing documents.

3. Grad Coordinators Can Provide Some Inside Information

They frequently have internal information regarding admissions, offer letters and other ongoing / upcoming processes – but they typically do not share these information with the applicants. However, if you had positive communication with your professor that was reported to the Grad. Co, there is a chance to know about the internal decision regarding admission and other important information.

How do we contact a Grad. Co.? We can find them in the staff list section in any department of any university. If the applicant has any queries about the application, he or she can email one of the Graduate Coordinators. It is advised to construct the email’s subject as follows:

“Applicant’s Name_Application Number”

The application number is provided after fulfilling the application. As Bangladeshi students, it is crucial for us to understand how to obtain the required assistance we might receive from the Graduate Coordinators.


Himel Kishor Barua

Department of Industrial and Production Engineering

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet