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Who we are

Shabash Fakibaj (সাবাস ফাঁকিবাজ™ LLC) is a multinational educational organization who conveys information on graduate studies abroad to undergraduate students.

Every year after completion of undergraduate degrees, a vast number of Bangladeshi students go through very confused times regarding their future. The confusion is particularly high regarding the steps required for graduate studies abroad. Students have very limited guidance regarding pre-requisite conditions of applications, the processes and their subsequent costs. This state of confusion leads to loss of valuable time in a very crucial stage of the student’s life.

Shabash Fakibaj (সাবাস ফাঁকিবাজ™ LLC) was founded in 2018 (Trade License no. TRAD/DSCC/258135/2019, USA License no. 803751949), with the goal of conveying information on higher studies abroad to undergraduate students. We provide detail instructions on how students of all categories, i.e., students with promising results (“high” CGPA) and challenged results (“low” CGPA), can turn themselves into prospective graduate candidates and procure funding / scholarship abroad. Shabash Fakibaj (সাবাস ফাঁকিবাজ™ LLC) routinely releases instructional videos on various aspects of higher studies abroad, which enables students to prepare themselves properly and present the best versions of themselves to prospective funding / scholarship opportunities. Shabash Fakibaj (সাবাস ফাঁকিবাজ™ LLC) also routinely conducts seminars on higher studies in various universities of Bangladesh. We are always looking forward to enlightening the students of Bangladesh, and creating each generation better than the last!

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The team of Shabash Fakibaj™ LLC are always dedicated to providing the latest up to date knowledge regarding graduate studies abroad to the students of Bangladesh. With regular videos, reviews, student and university events – we are never “taking it easy” when the development of the future generation is at stake! Meet our key experts who have worked 24/7 to get us here!

Just some of the universities associated with us

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

Dhaka, Bangladesh

University of Dhaka

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Military Institute of Science and Technology

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology

Rajshahi, Bangladesh

University of Chittagong

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

Sylhet, Bangladesh

Khulna University of Engineering and Technology

Khulna, Bangladesh

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Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Want Shabash Fakibaj™ LLC (সাবাস ফাঁকিবাজ™ LLC) in your CAMPUS??

Shabash Fakibaj™ LLC (সাবাস ফাঁকিবাজ™ LLC) has conducted multiple seminars and webinars since 2018, at different renowned universities of Bangladesh to guide prospective students who want to pursue their higher studies abroad. The goal of our seminars is to properly guide ALL undergraduate students in the difficult path through graduate studies abroad, with funding and scholarships!

In collaboration with the Abartan Workshop program, team Shabash Fakibaj™ LLC regularly engages in self-financed, FREE-for-all seminars. No sponsors are generally required to make our events a success! With our esteemed team members who are currently funded students in USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, Turkey, Australia, UK and other countries - we provide clear ideas so that you can prepare yourself for successful funding and scholarships accordingly! Further details are available in the “Our Events” section of our website.

Want to have us at your campus? We always look for host clubs / chapters / forums to be able to take our events to you! Please fill out the form below and our team will get back to you as soon as possible!

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